Find Your Balance.
Delegating management of your aircraft to us ensures it is maintained and operated under industry best practices in support of the safety, reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency you expect.
We take on the range of responsibilities, from regulatory compliance and accounting, to coordination of maintenance, flight crew, and trip logistics…practically anything necessary to bring you the experience you set out for, whether you travel in the cockpit or the cabin. And by leveraging the benefits of shared resources together with optional revenue programs, net ownership costs are lower than you can achieve on your own.
The right aircraft, not the sleekest.
When desire or reality warrants whole ownership of an aircraft, we set out to learn your priorities, preferences and travel patterns first. Then with extensive knowledge, access, and objectivity reinforced by analytics, we identify suitable models and vet them exhaustively to bring you the very best fit. The encompassing and enduring nature of our relationships, historically evolving into management, partnership or leasing, and disposition/upgrade projects, assures you our interests are aligned.

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Own what you need.
If you currently own, or are considering the purchase of a new or used aircraft, partnering with a handful of similar individuals greatly reduces acquisition costs, and is a potent form of operating cost control. Differing from a fractional ownership program in both form and execution, we more closely resemble the traditional aircraft partnerships commonly formed amongst friends, with all the accompanying benefits, such as a relationship with your partners, and the option to pilot it yourself. We simply improve on this model by increasing flexibility and reliability with supplemental aircraft, reducing costs with fleet purchasing and revenue programs, and by coordinating the many strife-provoking tax, legal, accounting and operational issues inherent to a multi-user environment, so you don’t have to.

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Minimize your exposure.
Our dry lease program unites aircraft owners with aircraft users in the acquisition, fractional, and charter markets to reduce costs and improve the experience for all:

As an aircraft owner flying less than 300 hours annually, seeking to reduce costs but weary of the charter market, we bring you a very select group of clients seeking long-term, non-exclusive, use agreements in your aircraft in exchange for greater net revenue per operating hour than that of charter,  and without the complexity and risk accompanying that model.
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As a potential aircraft buyer unable to leverage the tax benefits of ownership, seeking to minimize up-front costs, or expecting to fly less than about 100 hours annually, we offer an alternative option bringing you the same experience as ownership at a cost proven more efficient than charter or fractional programs at that utilization level.
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As a charter customer desiring the aircraft and service consistency of ownership, a dry lease offers an annual agreement for 25 to 200+ hours in a specific aircraft owned within our program and crewed by a vetted contract pilot of your own choosing. There are no unnecessary repositioning flights, ‘landing fees’ or ‘fuel surcharges,’ your operating costs are the same as the owner’s. In addition, we  coordinate every trip to ensure a smooth and cohesive experience, all at a total cost typically lower than a comparable charter.
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Open a whole new market.
If you are ready to sell, and searching for a unique and effective strategy to highlight your aircraft and improve its marketability, our sales team delivers a comprehensive strategy leveraging our program strengths against an extensive lead base. As experienced aircraft managers, maintenance engineers, and professional pilots, we represent the aircraft in its true ownership and operating environment, placing its strengths and weaknesses into context for a buyer, ensuing the right fit. These skills combine with the encompassing nature of our business to expand its market beyond a traditional buyer, with potential impact on sales duration and return in a highly competitive environment.

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