Evaluating all options for aircraft ownership is a time and resource intensive process, as the expenditure of several to tens of millions of dollars is under consideration both at purchase and throughout the ownership period.

Through careful analysis of your utilization schedule and budget combined with our first-hand tax, legal, and operating experience that many brokers can’t provide, PilotShares uncovers not only the right aircraft, but the ownership and operating structures best suiting your goals, then makes them a reality.





First, we listen.

Initially, our conversations will center on your unique travel, financial and ownership requirements, and how the strengths and compromises of various aircraft shift with those considerations when exposed to the range of ownership and operating structures available to you.

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It’s about details.

The motivation for acquiring an aircraft typically develops from a particular set of trip needs. Through discussions with you and other potential users, we gather and analyze frequencies, distances, durations, and payloads. We then reference this against preferences for speed, efficiency, comfort, and amenities to identify aircraft types capable of  regularly  achieving a majority of these expectations, and determine what  access to supplemental aircraft through lease or charter is necessary to achieve the remainder.

An acquisition and ownership strategy is then discussed with appropriate tax and legal advisors to set a foundation for budgetary considerations. These are then factored against projected acquisition, ownership, and direct operating costs for each aircraft type, often alongside lease, charter and resale marketability considerations, defining an option best balancing these forces.
Aircraft both on and off-market are then identified and categorized, with trends in pricing, condition, equipment, and utilization and maintenance history detailed, distilling seemingly equivalent options to just a handful. These are further scrutinized through owner, manager, pilot and technician interviews, and combined with records analysis and an in-person examination to define a primary and secondary recommendation and their associated valuations, presented for your selection.
No Surprises.

Your selection of an aircraft needn’t be stressful, as a formal offer is typically contingent upon the outcome of a thorough pre-inspection accomplished by an impartial maintenance provider with expertise in that aircraft type, and a test flight with your choice of representatives aboard. These events have the dual goals of identifying discrepancies the seller was unaware of, and setting a new maintenance baseline for your ownership, ensuring you have the complete picture during final negotiations.

Lay the right foundation.

Perhaps more important than knowing the current condition of the aircraft is identifying and establishing the most suitable acquisition, ownership, and operating structure at the outset. This is because while a broken part can generally be fixed, a seemingly innocuous decision such where you first land the aircraft, or who you let aboard on a trip, can create unintended and irreversible consequences for its tax, risk, and regulatory environment.

We maintain strong relationships with leading aviation tax and legal experts, and work in conjunction with your own advisors in the establishment and execution of an acquisition plan built on your unique situation. After acquisition, we can assist in establishing and maintaining tax reporting compliance, bringing peace of mind each New Year, and ensure your day-to-day operations keep to the right side of FAA and DOT policy, all through our management program.

Bring it home.

When you and the seller are in agreement and the aircraft is deemed airworthy, the purchase is formally executed. Several weeks of planning, analysis, investigation, and negotiation lead to this day, and we’re there to ensure it happens both smoothly, and in compliance with the acquisition plan, so operations can begin quickly.

Acquisition clients also have the option of placing their aircraft in the PilotShares management program with no enrollment expense, ensuring all systems are in place on day one to begin enjoying your aircraft worry-free.

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