Aircraft Management

A private aircraft requires effective and consistent support to maintain its positive impact on your business and lifestyle. Broad technical and administrative knowledge must be combined with time and energy to achieve this; resources we apply to both owner and professionally crewed turboprops and jets on behalf of their owners, every day.

Our approach is methodical and comprehensive, but above all, flexible, as we identify and establish the legal, tax, operating and revenue structures best suited to your aircraft, situation, and priorities.

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You understand the value of aircraft ownership, discover the value of PilotShares.

We maximize your time spent enjoying your aircraft by eliminating the complexities of its ownership – saving you time, frustration and money. Experienced PilotShares staff ensure your aircraft is ready and waiting when you are. Details such as finance, maintenance tracking and scheduling, crew training, storage, regulatory compliance, and flight readiness – absolutely everything that makes your aircraft fly – are identified, analyzed and established and overseen, so .

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Leasing allows you to benefit from unused availability on your aircraft – dramatically reducing your costs while increasing your flexibility without the uncertainties of charter placement.

Besides benefiting from negotiated rates on various fixed and variable expenses, considerable cost offsets can be achieved if you choose to participate in our lease program. Operating similarly to our shared-ownership program, leasing allows qualified individuals or businesses access to your aircraft in 25 hour blocks annually, with distinct benefits to you, including operating cost offsets of up to 85% depending on your particular aircraft and annual utilization.

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For owners desiring to improve liquidity, Pilot Shares, offers the opportunity to divest any percentage of your aircraft, allowing us to re-sell it as part of our shared ownership program. You still benefit from the same operating cost reductions made possible by PilotShares ownership in addition to the savings seen by fixed cost division. Overall, this results in a 30% to 60% reduction in operating costs depending on utilization.

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