Aircraft Partnership

If your typical trip is one to three days, or once at your destination, you tend to stay for a week or longer, partnering with similar users can significantly reduce ownership costs without detrimental effect on your experience.
PilotShares matches individuals with similar needs by coordinating purchases of ‘undivided interest’ in a specific new or used aircraft of you and your partner’s choosing. By dividing the acquisition and subsequent fixed operating costs, ownership becomes significantly more efficient – allowing you to enjoy the aircraft best suited to both your needs and your balance sheet. Further, the many complexities involving shared ownership are managed for you, ensuring your aircraft is ready and waiting when you are – you simply fly.


Shared ownership reduces costs and hassle, while increasing flexibility.  

Eliminate dependence on time-consuming, inconvenient airline schedules.
A key advantage of private travel is the dramatic time savings experienced by avoiding large airports and their endless lines, security checkpoints and gates. With PilotShares, your aircraft departs within minutes of your arrival planeside, where your pilot and ground crew will take your luggage and park your car while you settle into your seat.

Access thousands of communities, remote work sites and quiet vacation spots around the continent. 
While airlines can take you to only about 550 airports nationwide, over 5,200 public airports exist for private aircraft use. These often allow travel directly to your final destination, bypassing the complex and inefficient hub-and-spoke airline routing system and heavy inner-city traffic. 

Leverage complete travel flexibility to meet changing demands. 
Meetings will run long, negotiations require your presence and emergency field repairs must be made. Having your own aircraft allows the flexibility to meet nearly any schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Service, choice and value make PilotShares your path to efficient aircraft ownership.

PilotShares doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to shared ownership, with single-manufacturer fleets or restrictive program rules. Flexibility is the goal, with each aircraft available in 1/16th to 1/2 shares. With a typical owner requiring between 50 and 250 hours, most aircraft fill the needs of three to six partners. Further, certain aircraft types offer use of a comparable alternate if yours is unavailable, a benefit you’d never realize on your own.

Indirect operating costs such as insurance, storage, cleaning, avionics subscriptions and crewing. PilotShares partners with only the most reputable providers to ensure the highest quality while reducing costs with increased purchase power.

Direct operating costs such as predictable maintenance reserves and consumables, in addition to trip incidentals such as landing fees and crew expenses. Unlike other programs, PilotShares does not include fuel surcharges or premiums – we even pass down volume discounts to you!

While many programs bury fees in fixed costs or attach substantial premiums to operating costs, with PilotShares, what the aircraft costs to operate is simply what you pay. We maintain our superior service through a simple hourly fee. It’s simple, fair and transparent – and that’s how we do business.

Ready to fly? You say the word, we handle the details. You’ll have ultimate flexibility in personal travel!

Hassle free ownership
Our staff is experienced in handling the details, without compromise.

Flexible Scheduling
Shared ownership works best when occasional flexibility in scheduling is possible. In return, we don’t put strict limits on advance notice or trip duration, coordinating these desires with the partnership instead to ensure everyone is satisfied. Further, alternate aircraft are frequently available.

No daily minimum or yearly maximum flight time
You’ll never be charged a flight time minimum – actual trip time is all you’ll pay. Further, additional hours may be purchased from other owners if a few extra are needed in a year, or they can be deducted from your next year’s allotment.

Low owner-to-aircraft ratios
Even with 1/16th shares available, typical aircraft have 4 to 6 partners. You enjoy high availability, while still realizing the cost benefits of a hard-working airplane.

Fleet access options
Owners of certain aircraft types gain access through interchange agreements to alternate aircraft in the event theirs in unavailable.

A unique and progressive ownership path with unparalleled choice
The size and capability of your aircraft can grow with your needs. From four-seat personal aircraft to efficient turboprops and speedy light jets, performance and capability to meet any need is yours for the taking.

Impeccable maintenance and professional flight crews prioritize safety
Whether you provide your own, or contract one of ours, crews are held to the highest standards of professional training, experience, and service, ensuring your safety is the highest priority. This, and our truly uncompromising approach to maintenance offer peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on the day’s business, or just relax and enjoy the trip.

Simplified monthly billing
Customized to meet your reporting requirements, our accounting is transparent and straight-forward.

It’s time to make the call.

We’re here to discuss the various cost and hassle-reducing options available to you. Call us anytime and we’ll begin analyzing your operations and determining the most effective route to your goals – even if it’s specially-tailored.

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